22 January 2018 - At last some snow :-)

4 October 2016 - The big girls are playing in the beatuful autumm weather

29 September 2016 - These photos are not the best quality because of the light, but anyway it is fun to see, what we play with thursday night :-)

The photos are taken by my friend veninde Lene, who I had a nice training session together with :-)

28 September 2016 - Lovely wetter and lots of fun in the garden:

10 September 2016 - Griffon friends visiting us :-)

3 November 2014

Agnes' Gunhild in the Garden

25 August 2013

Karmdal Elma - 2nd best baby of all breed - National Show DKK - Varde

25 August 2013

Goldene Horde Coco with Agnes as handler - BOS - Certifikat - Excellent - CK - 1st winner - National Show DKK - Varde

3 December 2012
Deena, Belle and Kaj having a nice time in the garden

13 July 2012

Calle and family was visiting us :-) and Charlotte send us all these wonderful photos - thank you Charlotte

Karmdal Dolce Deena and Karmdal Delicato has been at the Photographer Amilla Dee April 2012:

First day playgroup big dogs - 29 March 2011:

First time in playgroup 2 with small dogs - 29 March 2011:

First time in playgroup for small dogs 28 March 2011:

A nice time in the garden 22 June 2010:

Playing wild in the chitchen 22 June 2010. Belle and Cora is the best of friends :-)

Training and swim the 26 May 2010: Photos by Kent Blumensaat:

Belle Belle
Belle Belle
Tokfias Bandit waiting while "mum" is talking Tokfias Bandit
Tokfias Bandit Talking again !
Belle moving so nice beside "mum" Belle
Tokfias Bandit getting a shower Tokfias Bandit
Tokfias Bandit in the pool, swimming 7 x 25 metre Look the nice white Lady - wauw
And now the best part - nursing at the table  

Trim day at Karmdal 23 May 2010 - Photos: Betina Nielsen,

Thanks to Nina and Anette for all the good advices. Thanks to Kate for the amazing cake. Thanks to Marianne for cake.
Thanks to Katarina for the help in the chitchen. Thanks to Betina for the photos. Thanks to all who participated for a very nice day.
We allready now are thinking about a new griffon day next year with another theme.

Belle and Bandit having a nice time together with Kaj. Belle has only lived here for 4 days, but she already has settled in.

Bandit - what is that on the floor ?

Belle - I don't know, but shouldn't I instead clean your ear ?

Okay - wauw what is happening there ?

I will tell you, but don't tell anybody else....

Belle, Bandit and Kaj :-)

We have just received these lovely photos from the show in Herning the 7 November 2009 taken by Kate Uhre.
Thank you very much Kate for the photos :-)

Bandit is checking the competion.
Coco on the table
We are the big wolfs: Coco and Bandit :-)
Our good boy Bandit in the ring
Bandit was concentrated and for that he received Excellent, Cert. and became res. CACIB
Bandit sitting at by my friend Magda - watching everything
Anybody wanna kiss ? I'm ready !