Welcome to the homepage of Kennel Karmdal

We are a small kennel with Griffon Petit Brabancon, Griffon Bruxellois and Deutsch Drahthaar. Our prefix "Karmdal" was approved and registered with the FCI on the 14th of October 2008

Since Claus was very young he has had Deutsch Drahthaar, and the griffons came later. Through many years we have had a wish to own and breed griffons and from year 2008 our wish came true.

Why did we want this kind of dog ? Some of our good friends Louise and Christian had the most wonderful dog with lots of personality - Kenzo and he was a Petit Brabancon. In year 2008 we startet to look around for Brabancons. At that time we could not find any here in Denmark, but instead we were very lucky first to find a male Tokfias Bandit in Sweden by a very nice and serious breeder Maria Grimståhl in Forsheda, and shortly after we find our first bitch Goldene Horde Coco at the nice Family Kohrs in Germany. In the selection of the dogs, we looked for pedigree with good performance in the show ring.

Our dogs a happy family dogs. They loves to be with the children, the small ones enjoy to lie in the cauch in the evenings with "mummy", they all enjoy walking in the pasture. Our Deutsch Ddrahthaar ofcause loves the most to be hunting with "daddy".
All the dogs are swimming in our pool for dogs and they enjoy the swim, but most they enjoy the solarium after the swim. Our dogs are just great - we love them :-)

In our future breeding we wish to make a lovely and happy dog with a good mind. 

We are a member of the danish FCI organisation: Dansk Kennel Klub and the Canis Minor.

Once again welcome to our homepage.

Yours sincerly

Kennel Karmdal
Forum Hovedvej 131
6715 Esbjerg N.
Tel. +45 2440 7507  mail@karmdal.dk