Start packet for puppies

When you buy a puppy at our place, we want to give the puppy the best start at your place as possible. Therefor you will get a start packet together with the puppy when you are taking the puppy to your home. The packet contents:

DKK Pedigree with Purchase commitment
The puppy has been chipped
The puppy has got deworming two times
The puppy has got it's first vaccination
Health certificate from the veterinarien
Beginner food
Some nice goodies
1 dog toy
1 blanket with the smell of mom
Some brochures
1 KW shampoo
10 times access card to show training at Enghave Wellness

1 year membership of Cannis Minor Denmark

If you buy a Bruxellois or Drahthaar, we will trim it for free the first 2 times, and after that you are welcome to get it trimmed here for a small amount.

Through the waiting time from the aggrement about purchasing until collecting, you will receive emails with photos and information about you puppy.